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Landscape Lighting

A beginner’s guide to outdoor lighting, landscape and garden lighting.
Information and tips on outdoor lighting landscape design.

Amazing landscape lighting design ideas for gardens, patios and decks.
Outdoor lighting design tips using flood lights, spotlights, accent lights and recessed lights.

A quick guide to solar landscape lighting products.
Information and options on designing solar landscape lighting for your home.

Beautiful garden art and landscape lighting ideas for your deck, garden or patio.
Find a wealth of garden art and landscape lighting ideas searching online.

Beautiful lanterns for every architectural landscape lighting design.
Oil, kerosene, electric or candle lanterns are becoming increasingly popular choices for landscape lighting.

Beautiful outdoor accent lighting for inspired landscape lighting design.
Use outdoor accent lights to create a well designed outdoor lighting scheme.

Brightening the Backyard: New Lighting Options Makeover Outdoor Living
Six tips on selecting lighting for your outdoor space.

Clever outdoor path accent lighting ideas for safety, security and a magical lighting effect at night.
Information on choosing and installing outdoor path accent lights.

Dusk to Dawn Decorative Outdoor Lights
They are lighting fixtures that light up the moment the sun goes down and stay on until the comes back on again.

Extend the Outdoor Entertaining Season with Lighting.
The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to entertain outdoors.

Fantastic outdoor lighting fixtures for gardens, decks and patios.
Choosing lighting fixtures for the patio, deck or the garden.

Flower outdoor lighting design for your garden and backyard.
Several techniques to highlight your garden features and tips on outdoor lighting for your garden and backyard.

Good garden design, landscape lighting and water features makes for beautiful outdoor living.
Good garden design allows you to make the most of your outdoor space, for whatever activities you enjoy most.

LED Landscape Lights Add Magical Charm To Any Garden Setting
Article covers LED landscape lights and in general it explains the benefits of using LED lights instead of more conventional lighting products.

Lighting Up Your Backyard and Garden with Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Great information and ideas on different resources to get you started on landscape lighting design.

Landscape lights bring your garden, patio and water features to life.
If you’re in the process of planning outdoor lighting for your patio, garden or water features, you’ll be amazed at what an extraordinary range of landscape lights are available.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures: The Right Styles To Meet Your Needs
Lighting fixtures for your landscaped areas allow security and accentuates the beauty of your outdoor garden and yard.

Landscape Lighting Installation: Tips and Information
Important guidelines to determine the types of outdoor lighting you need and what type of lighting fixture you should use.

Landscape Lighting: Pros and Cons
Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of landscape lighting using low voltage lighting.

Light It and Forget It: New Landscape Lighting Saves You from Hassle
Add ambiance to your deck and landscape lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.

Light your way with beautiful garden path lighting fixtures and accessories.
Use low power or solar lighting to brighten your garden path.

Magnificent architectural landscape lighting fixtures and accessories to light up your home.
Information on choosing the architectural landscape lighting for your deck, patio and home and garden.

Outdoor Lighting as Art
Outdoor lighting advice and tips from Stone Manor Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures come in a magnificent variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles...
With outdoor landscape lighting products, you can design a lighting scheme which will add beauty and character to any garden design.

Outdoor lighting features are an essential part of your garden design, whether you prefer mains powered or solar landscape lights.
Outdoor lighting features can really highlight the most attractive elements of your garden design.

Outdoor lighting landscape you can use for your garden or back yard.
Practical outdoor lighting techniques using uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting and low voltage lights.

Outdoor Lighting Shines Bright this Summer
There are new styles of outdoor lighting appearing on decks and patios every year, wondering what is new this year?

Outdoor security lighting keeps your home safe and secure at night.
Outdoor security lighting is a great way to protect your house and also provide light for your patio and garden paths.

Outdoor street lighting solutions, including mains powered and solar lights, for public and private roads, lanes and thoroughfares.
Outdoor street lighting products come in a wide variety of designs, and include both mains powered and solar lights.

Pond lights add a touch of beauty to your water features, and form an integral part of your complete outdoor landscape lighting design.
They work on a low voltage system, which is safe in and around water features.

Practical and beautiful landscape lighting design ideas for homeowners.
Design your outdoor lighting system so your patio, deck and garden will have a beautiful, magical ambience at night.

Renovate Your Home with Lighting for Less
Six great tips on renovating your indoor and outdoor lights - and save money.

Rock water features add a dramatic touch of beauty to your garden design.
You can place rock water features in and around your garden pond or swimming pool to create the feeling of a natural pond.

Spotlights add style and beauty to your patio, garden or landscape lighting design.
There are a wide range of different types of spotlights designed to be used on the patio, in the garden, or as part of any landscape lighting scheme.

Stylish landscape pathway lighting for safety and security.
Choices in pathway lighting fixtures and accessories.

Unique landscape lighting fixtures add a touch of style to any outdoor decor.
Low voltage and solar powered lights are some of the unique lighting fixtures you can find on this site.

Unique outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories for stylish gardens, decks and patios.
There are many unique outdoor lighting fixtures available on the Internet to choose from to light up your garden, deck or patio.

Water features give a magical touch to any garden design, and are much easier to build and maintain than you probably imagine.
Water features are easy to build in your backyard with the right materials.

Will LED Landscape Lighting Work for Your Yard and Garden?
If you are planning on adding outdoor lighting to your landscape you should consider LED lighting.

Wonderful decorative lighting ideas for gardens, patios and water features, to add a touch of beauty to your outdoor living space.
There’s a wide range of beautiful decorative lighting fixtures to choose from.

Patio Lights & Tiki Torches

10 Tips for Outdoor Decorating With Lights
Great ideas to light up your next evening garden party.

Amazing outdoor party lights to brighten every occasion.
When the sun goes down, outdoor party lights are an essential feature of your outdoor party decor.

A quick guide to deck tiki torches.
Information and tips on using a tiki torch on your deck.

A tiki bar on the pool deck or the patio is an absolute must for your luau or island theme party.
If you’re planning your next luau, clambake or Pacific island party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar.

Bamboo tiki torches create an exotic island atmosphere.
If you are planning a luau or island theme party, bamboo tiki torches are a must, but don't forget about safety.

Bamboo Tiki Torches – The Right Placement Equals the Right Party!
Here are a few ideas of where you can place the bamboo torches at your next island party or luau

Beautiful patio string lights add a magical touch to your outdoor decor.
String lights are a great way to decorate your patio for a party or special occasion.

Candle garden lanterns radiate a beautiful, natural glowing light.
There’s a huge range of beautifully designed candle garden lanterns available.

Candle lanterns are perfect for a warm, ambient glow to your patio or garden.
Candle lanterns keep the flame covered and safe, and protected from wind and moisture.

Chinese Lanterns & Their Use Today in the Gardens Of The World.
The Chinese lantern is a symbol from an ancient culture that we still find beautiful and desirable in our outdoor spaces today.

Citronella lanterns, candles and floating candles are perfect for tranquil, romantic outdoor evenings.
Citronella lanterns, candles and floating candles come in a great variety of styles, colors and designs, to suit any exterior decor.

Colorful Chinese lanterns, silk lanterns and party lights for Chinese New Year, or any occasion.
Chinese lanterns and silk lanterns are a must for Chinese New Year, and they also make wonderful party lights for an elegant Asian inspired party decor.

Comparing Gas and Oil Tiki Torches
Here are the details you need when comparing gas and oil tiki.

Create a dramatic tropical island ambience with gas tiki torches.
Use tiki torches at your next barbecue or tropical party to create a great ambiance.

Elegant silk lanterns, paper lanterns and floating candles add a touch of beauty to your garden and patio.
Decorate your patio and garden with gorgeous silk lanterns, paper lanterns and floating candles.

Floating candles, silk lanterns and party lights create a magical outdoor ambience for any occasion.
There are all kinds of party lights to choose from, including floating candles and flowers, gorgeous silk lanterns.

Great ideas on string lights for patio lighting schemes.
Find lots of amazing and creative ideas on string lights for patio lighting.

How to Make Paper Lanterns for Your Next Outdoor Garden Party
Ever wondered how to make the ingenious decorations which also function to light the way for you and your guests?

Light up your home and make Chinese lantern festival a special occasion this year.
Where to find Chinese and Asian lanterns for the next Chinese lantern festival.

Make the Holiday Season Merry and Bright: Holiday Home Safety Tips
While stringing lights and spreading warmth and cheer, one of the most important considerations is how to keep your house and family safe from fire and injury.

Oil and kerosene lanterns create a warm ambience, and a strong sense of history.
Kerosene and oil lanterns not only provide light, but also some warmth for those chilly evenings as fall approaches.

Outdoor lanterns create warmth and romantic glow in your garden or patio.
Use outdoor lanterns to add subtle highlights to landscaping features, or create a magical sparkling effect across the garden at night.

Outdoor lighting firepots are perfect for warm, cozy, romantic evenings on the patio or the deck.
For those cool evenings think about getting a firepot or wood burning chiminea to keep you warm.

Patio heaters and candle lanterns for warm, cozy, romantic evenings under the stars.
There’s nothing more magical than spending cozy evenings outdoors with friends and family, or perhaps with someone special.

Patios, outdoor lighting fixtures and patio heaters give you a beautiful outdoor space for you and your friends to enjoy.
Make the most of your outdoor living space and with patio heaters and a good outdoor lighting design.

Ttiki torch party decor, with a few exotic candles and lanterns thrown in.
Plan a luau or an exotic Pacific island-themed party with a tiki torch or two and some safe user guidelines.

Silk and paper lanterns create a magical decorative effect for any occasion.
Asian lanterns come in an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Tiki torches, tiki lanterns and candles are an essential element of your luau, clambake, or Pacific Island theme party decor.
Tiki lanterns, torches and candles come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

Use funky party lights, silk and paper lanterns, string lights and tiki torches for every kind of occasion.
No matter what the occasion, party lights are a great way to create a festive atmosphere and get your guests in the mood for fun.

Why Are Outdoor Patio Lights so Great?
Here are a few good reasons to get outdoor patio lights and information on different styles you can purchase.

With creative patio lighting, landscape lights and deck lighting, you can make your outdoor spaces magical.
Patio lighting design tips using lamps, lanterns and string lights in a wonderful range of materials and designs for creating the outdoor ambience.

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