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Tiki Torches and Deck Torches

When arranged around a deck, patio or pool, tiki torches deliver a touch of the exotic. They're the perfect party accent that are so simple to install: just drive the mounting pole into the ground or a pail of sand, or attach permanently to a railing, cast iron stand or cement block. 

Picture of two gas tiki torches in a garden.With six to sixteen hours of burn time, tiki torches should outlast all but the most determined partiers.

Tiki torches usually use a clean burning lamp oil, such as liquid paraffin and as an added bonus, oils containing citronella keep away the bugs in summer. Inexpensive bamboo torches are available everywhere, but if you love the style, make the investment in a set of deck torches made out of brass, aluminum, or steel.

Safety Tips for Deck and Tiki Torches

Deck tiki torches have an dramatic look that is great for a party or as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting scheme. There’s a great range of deck tiki torch products to choose from, and you can use them in all kinds of outdoor areas, including in the garden, around the patio or lining the driveway. Tiki torches are safe to use, so long as you use a little common sense, and follow a few basic rules. More

Tiki Torch Styles

Tiki torches, lanterns and candles are perfect for creating an exotic tropical island ambience. You’ll be amazed at the huge variety of torches, candles and tiki lamps and lanterns which are available online. Some torches are designed to be used as a novelty for a party, then put away until next time, while other tiki lanterns and torches are elegant enough to be used as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting design. More

Comparing Gas and Oil Torches

Compare the pros and cons of gas versus oil-fueled deck torches to find out which style is right for you. More

Great Selection of Torches Available

When you are ready to purchase torches for your deck and patio shop at iTorches.com for the best selection and prices on Torches.

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