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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider an outdoor lighting system, like safety and security for starters. But there are even more reasons to go with low voltage landscape lighting.

How about energy efficient, safe, and easy to install! Unlike 120 volt lights, low voltage landscape lights reduce the household current to 12 volts and can usually be installed without an electrician.  Low voltage lighting can also be installed, expanded or repositioned with the power on, which means it is easy to make adjustments once the system is in place.

Picture of a complete llow voltage lighting kitLow voltage lighting consists of three main components: transformer, lights, and cable. A transformer is  an electrical device that reduces household current to 12 volts and controls when the lights turn on and off through a timer or photocell.

The light fixtures themselves consist of socket assembly, bulb, and covers, which can be found in louvered, recessed, and other styles. Whichever style you choose, make sure that all fixtures are rated as water resistant and UL approved for outdoor use. Lights usually draw 4 to 7 watts of power. The cable connects all the lights to one or more transformers and to the electrical outlet. All outdoor wiring must be grounded.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding where to install low voltage lighting in your yard:

  • Don't line each side of a path with lights. It'll look like an airport runway. Alternate edge lights on either side of walkways to direct light down and spread light out.
  • Don't dot your landscape willy-nilly with lights. This creates a birthday cake effect.
  • For hedges, trees, and vertical plantings, use floodlights or spotlights that direct light upwards (called uplighting)
  • Position lights at the beginning of a path or steps to mark the entrance.
  • Create contrast in the garden by planning lighted spaces and dark areas instead of illuminating the entire area like a parking lot.

Planning Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights are a homeowner's dream because they are easy and safe to install. There are fixtures available for all types of applications, including esthetic landscape lighting, path lighting, step lighting, deck and patio lighting, pool and pond lighting. More

Installing Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting is a great outdoor home improvement project that is safe and easy to do for the average home owner. If you already have a 110 volt power outlet outside you just need to plug in the low voltage transformer and run the cabling. More

Low Voltage Lighting for Stairs

Low voltage stair lighting not only provides safety and security around outdoor stairways, it also gives your home’s exterior an attractive look at night. There’s a huge range of low voltage stair lights and accessories to choose from. More

Get Your Low Voltage Lighting Now!

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