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Patio String Lights Fun and Elegant Accents for Patio Entertaining

Patio string lights have come a long way since the days of plastic red, yellow and green patio lanterns strung haphazardly around the porch railing. Now you can purchase a wide selection of lights in a multitude of colors and a variety of styles.

You can get very attractive lights to make your deck or patio look elegant and inviting. You can also purchase unique patio lights that can be fun to display. We have a nice set for our deck and a very tacky set for our tent trailer when we are camping.

But mention "patio lanterns" and we instantly hear Kim Mitchell singing:

Those patio lanterns
They were the stars in the sky
Those patio lanterns
Lighting up our lives

Those patio lanterns
They were the stars in the sky
Oh those patio lanterns

Picture of patio string lights.Thankfully (and maybe a little sadly), patio lights today encompass a whole range of outdoor lighting products, from tiki torches and patio string lighting and party lights, to candles, umbrella lights, and pedestal patio lanterns. As usual, with so many choices, you can be easily overwhelmed.

Don't let your search for perfect patio lights be a chore! There are lots of fun ways to set the mood for entertaining in the garden.


10 Tips for Decorating With Patio Lights

If you’re throwing an evening garden party and you want to make it special you can decorate your outdoor space with different style of lights. There are lots of different tricks and styles you can use for your outdoor lighting. Depending on the mood you want to set you can use candles, torches or even mason jars. More

Spice Up your Theme Party with Amazing Outdoor Party Lights

Whether you’re planning an elegant summer soiree on the patio, or a crazy tropical island luau by the pool, outdoor party lights are an essential feature of your party decor. You’ll be amazed at the range of fantastic outdoor lighting products you can find online, including elegant string lights, Asian silk and paper lanterns, novelty lights and even dramatic tiki torches. More

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