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Getting Started with Landscape Lighting

It used to be that landscape lighting was only installed in professionally designed gardens. For most of us, outdoor lighting consisted of porch lights, motion sensor lights, or back door lights to aid in taking out the trash.

Now, do-it-yourselfers, avid gardeners and the even the gardening-challenged and can have the look of professional landscape lighting easily and affordably.

For do-it-yourselfers, landscape lighting starter kits can meet a variety of needs. Low voltage lighting kits can be had for as little as $300 and include the transformer, photocell and timer, connectors, lamps and cabling needed to light a walkway, illuminate a flower bed, or create elegant lighting effects. The starter kits are designed to be expanded so you can add lights in the future as necessary.

If it's drama you're after, you can position recessed lights that are hidden or nearly buried so that the upward beam illuminates trees, plants, buildings, and fountains--a technique called uplighting.

You can also find path lights in sculptured granite and limestone that look like natural stone and blend into your landscape. Take your garden design to new levels with accent lighting that brings outdoor spaces to life after dark.

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Picture of a hanging solar light in a garden.Outdoor lighting, landscape, garden and patio lighting is a great home improvement project, even for a complete DIY beginner. Most outdoor lights, landscape lighting and garden lighting fixtures work on a low voltage system, which is exceptionally safe and easy to install. More




Finding Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas in Unusual Places

If it's time to look at outdoor landscape lighting for your yard there are lots of great resources available. Some are conventional, like the Internet, others not so much.  More

Outdoor Lighting as Art

In the old days of landscape lighting, the philosophy was "never reveal the source of the light." That's because most outdoor lighting fixtures were plain, utilitarian and unattractive. Those days are gone, thanks in large part to the on-going trend towards creating beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces. More

Brightening the Backyard: New Lighting Options for Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are turning as warm and cozy as the family room, whether you can enjoy them for two months or twelve. In the latest outdoor makeovers, indoor style has fast become an outdoor phenomenon, from growth in exterior kitchens to advancements in outdoor furniture, lighting solutions and more. More

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