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Finding Landscape Lighting Ideas in Unusual Places

If it's time to look at outdoor landscape lighting for your yard there are lots of great resources available. Some are conventional, like the Internet, others not so much. Like when I'm visiting a friends house that has a great design, I  always snoop around and ask questions. Almost anyone who has spend time setting up their garden for lighting will be more than happy to share what they learned. I also like to go for walks at night in the neighborhood and see what other people have done to light up their property.

Picture of outdoor landscape lighting with a chair at the end of a brick walkway.

Here are a few other great sources for information:

  • Lottery houses and show homes - Not only do they have the latest designs, but sometimes they have detailed information on what they did and where you can purchase the products they used.
  • Your local library - Libraries don’t always have the latest books on landscape design but they usually have stacks of gardening magazines filled with great ideas and pictures.
  • Home and Garden Centers - Retail stores usually have lighting displays, information and hopefully helpful staff who can advise you.

Other Resources

Focus Lighting: ideas from a top landscape lighting manufacturer

Residential Landscape Lighting and Design: has a forum for asking your lighting questions

American Lighting Association

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