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Outdoor Solar Lights

What do you think about adding landscape lighting to your outdoor space in about 20 seconds? That's roughly how long it takes to install a solar light.

Hey, give yourself 15 minutes and you can have your entire garden artfully illuminated with outdoor solar lights for evening entertaining, family safety, and security.


Picture of a hanging copper solar light mounted to the side of a rock wall.With no wiring required, outdoor solar lighting has become hugely popular garden lighting choices. They're the wireless wonders in the world of landscape lighting. They have the distinction of being both energy efficient garden accents and easy to install by the average homeowner.

Today, most department, garden and hardware stores carry a small selection of solar lights and lanterns, but online you can find a wide variety of styles.

Solar lights come as tabletop lanterns, floating lanterns used in pools, spas and ponds, pathway markers, pole lamps used in marking driveways, and even stepping stones and decorative garden sculpture.

What's Inside a Solar Light?

Outdoor solar lights come in an incredible range of designs to suit any landscaping or outdoor security purpose. These days virtually every kind of outdoor solar light fixture is available as a solar powered product, so going solar doesn’t limit your choice at all. More

Solar Light Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to solar lights you will have questions. Here are seven common questions and answers about solar landscape lighting. More

Get Your Solar Lighting Now!

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