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Guide to Landscape Lighting Techniques

If you are considering adding landscape lighting to your deck, patio or garden here is a great overview to get you going with an explanation of the top 12 terms in landscape lighting.

After reading this article you should have a good overview of what all of the terms mean and an idea of which techniques you want to use for your garden.

With this information you can start looking at your garden and decide on the perfect application. Then you can get busy designing, purchasing and installing your outdoor lighting.

There are lots of great lighting fixtures available for any of these ideas. So look around and get the one that is right for you and is within your budge.

Ambient lighting

Lighting that illuminates an overall area with a comfortable level of light. In outdoor situations, ambient lighting brightens an patio for eating or entertaining, or an entry way for safety and security.


The light source is mounted above an object or area and the beam is directed downwards, casting light over a wide area. Outdoor light fixtures can be installed in trees, on buildings. If the fixture is a floodlight, the light source can be mounted high, so that the  you to entertain in your backyard or outdoor area after dark, and does double duty for security and safety. For highlighting flower beds, paths or steps, the down light is positioned close to the ground.


The light source is aimed upwards and is effective when used to highlight interesting features like trees, fountains or textured wall surfaces. Some fixtures, such as well lights, can be near buried to conceal


Like downlighting, but using soft light sources positioned very high up, this technique simulates the effect of moonlight filtering through branches, casting attractive shadow patterns.

Spread or Diffused Lighting

The light source creates circular patterns of low level light on flowerbeds, shrubs or ground cover, spread light cover a wider area. Some fixtures, such bollards or pedestal lights, cast softly diffused lighting for patios, decks, driveways and pathways.


Using a controlled intense beam to highlight the focal points in a garden such as flowers, small shrubs and statuary.


Lighting an object from the front and below to project intriguing shadows on a wall or other vertical surfaces.


Positioning the light close to an interesting surface to bring out its texture, such as tree bark, stone walls, wood shingles, or an attractive door.


Concealing lights behind and below a tree or bush so that the silhouette is visible against the sky at dusk.


Lighting an object from two or more sides.


Floodlights create a widespread distribution of light, perfect for illuminating a wall, sign or large object.


Lighting a flat wall or surface by positioning the light source near the base so that light washes over the surface.

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