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Learn About Outdoor Lighting

Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that well chosen and situated outdoor lighting is essential to all-season enjoyment of your garden.

When carefully planned and installed, outdoor lighting can transform your property at night, turning trees, buildings and other landscape features into dramatic focal points.  Lighting is also essential for safety along paths and walkways, and around decks, patios, and stairs.

This site aims to provide you with an understanding of low voltage outdoor lights and outdoor accent lighting. You'll find the basics you need to install them, and tips about lighting your property to its best advantage.

If you are doing research on lighting products or want to know more about lighting your property to its best advantage, check out Landscape Lighting Techniques and the wide range of articles found in this section. More

Low Voltage Lighting

Picture of outdoor low voltage lighting installed around a small hedge.Low voltage lighting is a type of landscape lighting that uses 12 volt electrical instead of the 120 volts delivered by regular household current. These 12-volt systems do not require an electrician to install which makes them safe, easy to work with, and thus popular with homeowners.

Another benefit is that light fixtures can be added and adjusted while the system is plugged in and turned on. Low voltage landscape lighting kits are generally affordable and available in most hardware and building centers. That said, professionally installed and designed low voltage systems using higher grade components will give you lasting satisfaction that stands the test of time.

Solar Lighting

Picture of solar outdoor lighting showiing the solar panel on top.Solar lighting is a relative newcomer to the outdoor lighting market but has captured homeowners' fancy with a vast selection of fixture styles and dead-easy installation and upkeep.

Like landscape lighting, solar lights can be used to illuminate steps, paths, and pools. However, instead of an electric power source, solar lights use a photocell that charges a NiCad battery during the day and then powers the light at night. With virtually no wiring to speak of, solar lighting kits have become very popular.

Deck Lighting

Picture of a deck at night with in deck lighting disks.Deck lighting is specialized outdoor lighting for wood porches, balconies, and decks. Lights are mounted inconspicuously on deck railings and steps and around the perimeter of the deck for safety.

In-deck lights are fixtures that are installed flush with the deck itself and can be walked on without damage.


Patio Lights, Lanterns and Tiki Torches

Picture of colourful outdoor string lighting hanging in a tree.Think patio lights and immediately strings of brightly colored party lights come to mind. String patio lights are perfect for temporarily dressing up patio seating areas or entertaining spaces.

Lanterns may be low tech, but nothing beats the charm and versatility of these time-trusted outdoor lights. You can find garden lanterns in a huge array of styles from Chinese to Victorian.

Picture of one bamboo tiki torch in the foreground with several in the background.Tiki torches and deck torches are another great addition to a deck or patio. Styles range from classic bamboo stakes, to metallic finish oil fueled torches and wall torches.




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