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Styles Of Low Voltage Lighting And Tips For Designing The Best Lighting For Your Yard

When you want to add a new design to your home outdoors the best way to do that is with low voltage lighting. There are many different styles available that you can choose to add to your home.

Not only will these lighting fixtures add design and a good look for your home, but they will also not cost you a lot of money to use them regularly.

Low voltage lighting fixtures are good to use in many different places such as you yard, deck or stairs.

Knowing what the different styles of low voltage outdoor lighting will help you make a more informed decision about which ones would be right to add to your particular home. Here are a few of the different styles that you can use.

  1. Deck lights – There are many styles of these lights that can be installed on your deck for a variety of applications. Here is a list of the most popular ones:
    1. Post lights - install on the top of your deck post. They usually come in two sizes to fit the two different post sizes, so make sure you purchase the correct one. They are also called post cap lights.
    2. Rail lights - installed on the side of your rails near the bottom and the light is pointed down to illuminate your deck. This provides a soft light for affect and also will help people see where they are walking on your deck.
    3. Stair lights - usually installed on the vertical part of the stair and provides light when people are walking up or down your stairs. They are usually installed flat against or recessed so they do not get in the way. The can also be installed on the side rail to provide light on the stair.
    4. In-deck lights - installed flush mounted on your deck and the light shines up. They are not too bright and provide a nice affect at night.
  2. Underwater lights – Many people add underwater lights so they can easily see to swim at night, but there are many people that prefer the more colorful option. This style of lighting provides you with different colors that you can choose to display underwater.

    This can add a dazzling show for your eyes and the eyes of your visitors, but you want to make sure that you check out these lights before adding them to the design of your home.

  3. Garden and landscape lights – These lights are added to light up your garden at night so that it can be enjoyed at all hours of the day or night. Choosing a street lamp style for your garden will look good and some of these lamps will also add security to your garden.

    The streetlamp style is used many times around homes for security in different areas of the home. These lights have motion sensors that will turn on the light when there is motion detected. These are good to add to your garden so no one can use your garden to sneak up to your home.

    There are a lot of different light fixtures available to provide many affects like: uplighting, down lighting, spot lighting and flood lighting.

  4. Walkway or pathway lights – This is the most popular style available. The two most popular ones are the street lamp style and the flat top style. These lights are usually made from different materials which can include aluminum, plastic and even steel.
  5. Old fashion lamp posts – There are many people that like the look of these old fashioned lamp posts. They provide good light and also add a certain appeal to your home that you won’t achieve without one.

Now that you know what some of the different styles of lighting is available, you need to know some useful tips to help you use them to add light and design to your particular home. Here are the most important tips you need to know.

  1. Take time to look around your yard and outdoor area to find the best location to add lights. Don’t just add them anywhere because they may not look right or won’t provide enough lighting.
  2. Use more than one style to add a certain look to your home and provide the best lighting possible. You don’t have to stick with just one style, but you want to be sure that what you use will look good.
  3. Decide if you want to add just lighting to your outdoor design or if you want to also add color. If you have a swimming pool that the underwater lights will achieve this.

Now that you know what the different styles of low voltage lighting are and some useful tips to help you use them to add design to your home; all that remains is to start researching your options and choosing the best style for your particular home.

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