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Landscape Low Voltage Lighting: Organize Your Outside Space for Entertaining

If you are looking to spice up your outdoor entertainment spaces, you can choose landscape low voltage lighting.

This is a great way to take any plain looking space to something more comforting and inviting.

You can turn your backyard space into something extraordinary with this type of lighting. Here are some great tips to help make your deck and patio brighter and more enjoyable when the sun goes down.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

There are a lot of different types of low voltage lighting options that you can install on your deck, patio, back and front yard. Just make a trip to your local hardware store or review this site and you will see the great selections available.

And for the different applications there is a wide selection of low voltage lighting fixtures you can purchase. From lighting up your deck and patio to extend your dinner party to lighting up a nice feature in your back yard.

This style of lighting is also very safe and easy to install. This is because you do not need an electrician to wire it. You run the 12 volt wiring from your light fixtures to your transformer for low voltage lighting and then plug the transformer into your 110 volt outlet.   

Walkway Lights

If your home and street is not well lit with street lights, it can be hard to see where you are going. This is the same for your walkways and deck area. You can better help your guests find their way around outside by installing low voltage walkway lights.

These lights are also good to light up stairs and other outdoor areas you want to ensure people be able to see at night. A good example of this is the path to your hot tub.  

Area Lights

If you have a certain area in your backyard that you want to draw attention to, such as a pool or certain landscaping, another great outdoor entertainment ideas is to have landscape lights surround it.

Overall, this type of lighting can really make the mood relaxing and that’s always what you should go for with dinner parties or get togethers in the evenings. You can also use up lighting or down lighting to get this affect.

Patio Lamps

There are several ways to light a patio and the most common one is patio lights. You can find stylish lights that are perfect for your lighting up your patio.

You can also use the classic patio string lights. These may not be low voltage, but they are easy to install because you can connect a few of them together and plug them into an outside outlet.

Showcase Wall Pictures or Plants

If you have a large area you want to display in the evening this is a great option. This could be an interesting tree or a feature plant that is crawling up the side of your home or fence.

You can find lighting that is just enough to attract attention to the art. Landscape low voltage lighting is one of the more popular outdoor entertaining ideas that are really endless. You can spice up any old backyard to something sophisticated and stylish. Entertain your guests without having too much light.

Black Tie Parties

More sophisticated dinner parties such as these often times are lowly lit and this type of lighting is yet another great outdoor entertaining ideas. Choose proper brightness or dimness and have a black tie dinner party that is going to add class and style without sacrificing on sophistication. Ply some light classical music and make it even more profound.

Eliminate Candles

One of the main outdoor entertaining ideas that many people take part in is summer night parties and get togethers. Rather than getting out the lights and the candles, opt for low voltage lighting to save your table cloths and to eliminate the chance of a fire.

Landscape lighting is safe and is also a great way to guide guests to and from the backyard entertainment.

You can also look at using solar powered lights that will power up during the day and will be bright in the evening hours. They are easy to install and they can be combined with lanterns or candles. This will add a bit more ambiance to your evening outside with friends and family.

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