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Tiki Torch Styles

Tiki torches are perfect party accessories creating an exotic tropical island ambience. You’ll be amazed at the huge variety of torches, candles and tiki lamps and lanterns which are available online.

Some torches are designed as party novelties and then put away until next time, while other deck torches are elegant enough to be used as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting design.

Bamboo Torches

Bamboo tiki torches are probably what most people think of when they think tiki torch. This style have a classic Polynesian feel and are readily available in season from most home and garden centers and department stores. Online stores have bamboo tiki torches available year round. iTorches.com has a huge collection available. These torches generally burn paraffin or citronella oils. Depending on the quality and model, bamboo tiki torches should be stored for the winter.

Picture of bamboo tiki torches.

Copper, Steel and Aluminum Tiki torches

These torches are designed to last and come in a wide range of finishes and shapes such as bronze, verdigris, copper, and stainless steel. Another advantage to metal torches is that the torch head can come in wildly different shapes.

Picture of two gas tiki torches in a garden.

Table Top Torches

As the name suggests, table top torches are portable oil or gas burning lamps that can easily be moved around.

Picture of a copper tiki torch on an outdoor table.

Gas Tiki Torches

Unlike oil torches, gas tiki torches use propane or natural gas instead of a wick and paraffin. The flame size and brightness can be adjusted to suit the mood of the gathering, and it won't blow out in gusty conditions.

Picture of two stainless steel tiki torches.

For more information on tiki torches, please read this article on Tiki Torch Safety.

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