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"Safe" tiki torch party decor, with a few exotic candles and lanterns thrown in, creates a magical tropical ambience.

If you’re planning a luau, or a Pacific island-themed party, nothing creates an exotic atmosphere better than a tiki torch or two. A few exotic candles and lanterns will complete the picture. You’ll find some fantastic tiki torch designs if you do a quick search online, at any of the many outdoor or party lighting supplier sites. You can pick up all your lanterns and candles at the same time.

There’s nothing more dramatic than having the driveway or path leading to your house lined with spectacular flaming torches. Your guests will be in no doubt as to the kind of exotic experience they’re in for. You can also accent the pool deck, patio or garden with a few more tiki torches, and some exotic lanterns and candles.

A small, citronella oil burning tiki torch can be placed on each table. This will not only enhance the party theme, and give you enough light to see your pina colada and your kahuna burger, they also drive away any mosquitoes and bugs who may have invited themselves.

Tiki torch safety tips

The most important thing to look for when choosing your tiki torch design is that it has a secure base. If you plan to use the torches in a permanent setting, either at home around the pool or in a bar or restaurant, there are commercial products which you set into the ground, in a twelve inch deep concrete foundation. If you’re setting the torches up temporarily for a party, make sure you choose a solid, sturdy base.

Naturally, you should think about your torch placement very carefully. Don’t put a torch directly under the branches of a tree or an awning, and don’t put one anywhere where guests are likely to trip or bump into it.

It’s also essential that you check that your tiki torch is made from non flammable material. Wooden or bamboo torches can be a little suspicious, so if in doubt, make sure you ask your supplier. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s much better to have a smaller number of good quality, safe torches than lots of cheap, dangerous ones.

For more information on tiki torches, please read this article on comparing gas and oil tiki torches.

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