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Safety Tips for Deck Tiki Torches

Deck tiki torches have a dramatic look that is great for a party or exotic as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting scheme. There’s a great range of deck tiki torch products to choose from, and you can use them in all kinds of outdoor areas, including in the garden, around the patio or lining the driveway.

Tiki torches are safe to use, so long as you use a little common sense and follow a few basic rules.

  1. This may seem obvious, but tiki torches are designed to be used strictly in outdoor areas only. Do not light your tiki torch inside under any circumstances!
  2. Do not place a tiki torch under a tree canopy, or under any kind of deck roofing or cover. Pay particular attention if you have a palapa, tiki hut or any kind of structure made with grass thatching material. If you’re using your tiki torches for a party, don’t place them in heavy traffic areas, or anywhere where anyone is likely to trip on the torch or the stand.

  3. Your tiki torches need a secure, stable base which cannot tip over, even when firmly pushed. A solid cement or heavy wrought iron base is best. If you plan to use your tiki torches as a permanent outdoor lighting fixture, you can mount them to the deck railing or set them in a concrete foundation in the garden, beside the driveway, by the pool, or around the patio. 
  4. Be cautious with tiki torches made from flammable materials and beware of cheap, inferior quality products which may be dangerous. Although bamboo torches are nice because they look authentic, stainless steel torches are generally safest.
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