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Beautiful patio string lights add a magical touch to your outdoor decor.

String lights are a great way to decorate your patio for a party or special occasion, or you can use them as a permanent light source for a patio, outdoor deck, porch, pathway, driveway, or any outdoor area. You can order patio string lights in elegant plain white or a huge choice of colors, or for a really fun party atmosphere there are all kinds of novelty shapes to choose from. Patio string lights are specially designed to be safe to use outdoors, as they work on a low wattage, and give off a very small amount of heat.

String light specifications.

The strings themselves generally come a range of standard lengths of up to one hundred feet, and the lights are typically spaced around twelve inches apart. Shorter strings can usually be joined together end to end to form a longer string, but you’ll generally find that a total string length of one hundred feet is about the limit. Also, the larger and brighter the lights, the fewer you can have on a single string. For a special occasion or theme party, you can have your string lights custom made. You simply choose the length of the string you require, and the colors and sizes of the lights.

LED rope lights are a futuristic alternative to traditional string lights, and they’re perfect for lighting patios, decks, steps, handrails, architectural features, and a wide range of other outdoor applications. The lights radiate from within the rope itself, and have a gentle, fluorescent quality. LED rope lights come in a range of lengths, widths and colors, and some are dimmable.


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