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Floating candles, silk lanterns and party lights create a magical outdoor ambience for any occasion.

If you’re looking for some decor inspiration for an outdoor party or celebration, there are all kinds of party lights to choose from, including floating candles and flowers, gorgeous silk lanterns, or perhaps even a flaming tiki torch or two. There’s nothing more attractive and romantic in an outdoor setting than the gentle light from a natural flame. A bowl of pretty floating candles placed on the center of each table, or perhaps in the garden pond or even the pool, is a perfect idea for adding a subtle touch of magic to the party atmosphere. Paper and silk lanterns in all shapes, sizes and colors are a beautiful choice for any occasion. Or if you like your party lights strong and bold, think about setting up some candle lanterns, oil lamps, or exotic tiki torches.

Beautiful party lights for all occasions.

No matter what kind of celebration you’re planning, you’ll find party lights which will suit your decor vision perfectly. If you need some inspiration, a quick search online will show you what a huge range of silk lanterns, floating candles and flowers are available, for everything from romantic weddings and traditional celebrations to kitschy theme parties.

If you plan to celebrate Chinese New Year, or you want to give your party decor an elegant Asian mood, paper or silk lanterns are a must. Authentic locally made or imported lanterns are very inexpensive, and very easy to find from Asian import stores and party decor suppliers.

For a soiree with a Pacific island flavor, exotic scented floral floating candles will give your decor a lovely touch. If you’re looking for something more dramatic for your party lights, a few tiki torches lining the driveway, or placed around the pool, will put your guests in the mood for an evening of fun and excitement.

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