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Beautiful outdoor accent lighting for inspired landscape lighting design.

Designing a lighting scheme for the garden or the patio is a creatively satisfying home improvement job which anyone with a few basic DIY skills can achieve. Outdoor accent lights are a key feature of any well designed outdoor lighting scheme. The basic idea of an accent light is to draw focus to a particularly attractive feature of the space, like a featured plant, a garden bed, or a garden ornament. With the right outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories, and a little imagination and flair, you can create a really magical effect at night.

There’s a wonderful range of outdoor accent lighting products to choose from these days, in a fantastic variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Some accent lights are designed specifically to highlight the garden feature, while the fixture itself is hidden from view. Other accent lighting fixtures are designed to be magnificent decorative landscaping features in themselves. Just follow the links from this site for more information on accent lighting products and how you can order them.

Solar powered accent lighting.

Nowadays you have a huge range of solar powered outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories to choose from. Solar outdoor lighting has many important advantages. Because all of the energy for the lights comes free from the sun, you save on your power bills and you also help to save precious environmental resources. You also don’t have to figure out how to plug the lights in to mains power, and you don’t have any unsightly wires running across the garden. You simply set up the lighting fixture in a position where it will receive plenty of sunlight and it’s ready to go.

Like almost all outdoor lighting products, solar lights work on a low voltage system. This gives a soft, gentle ambient glow which is perfect for decorative accent lighting.


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