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Bamboo tiki torches create an exotic island atmosphere.

If you’re planning a luau or an island theme party, or you just want to create an exciting, exotic ambience around the garden or the pool deck, bamboo tiki torches are an absolute must. A line of flaming tiki torches along the driveway or the pathway to your front door has a spectacular effect, which really sets the mood for your party guests as they arrive.

You can also place torches around the pool deck or the patio, and even place a small citronella bamboo tiki torch at the center of each table. Tiki torches are very easy to order online. Just follow the links from this site for more information on the fantastic range of tiki torches, tiki lanterns, exotic candles and other party lights and accessories.

Tiki torch safety.

All kinds of tiki torches, whether they’re bamboo, wood or stainless steel, are strictly for outdoor use. Choose a bamboo torch which has a secure, stable stand, and if you plan to set up the torches permanently, it’s best to set them in a secure concrete foundation.

Make sure you choose the placement of your tiki torches very carefully. Don’t place them anywhere near tree canopies or porch roofs, and be particularly careful to keep them clear of tiki bar roofs and palapa umbrellas, which can be highly flammable. Be sure you don’t set up your bamboo torches anywhere where people are likely to trip over the stands, particularly in a crowded party situation. Whenever you have a naked flame anywhere around your home, make sure you keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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