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Use funky party lights, silk and paper lanterns, string lights and tiki torches for every kind of occasion.

No matter what the occasion, party lights are a great way to create a festive atmosphere and get your guests in the mood for fun. There are a large number of companies who specialize in providing all types of party lights, including novelty themes, elegant outdoor lighting designs, Asian silk and paper lanterns, tiki torches or even mirror balls, bubble machines and fog lights. Some specialize in lighting for large scale events, so if you need a large quantity of lights, check that the supplier you choose is able to provide them.

Shopping around online for party lights is great fun, and you’re sure to find plenty of terrific ideas to inspire you. You may already have a theme or a color scheme in mind, or you may see a lighting idea which will trigger an inspiration for the whole party decoration plan. If the celebration is focused around a specific occasion, like a wedding, Christmas, Halloween, or Chinese New Year, you’ll find that many sites have their range of party lights categorized accordingly, so it’s very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A few party theme ideas.

A luau or tropical island theme party is cheesy but fun. Dramatic tiki torches lining your driveway, or placed around the pool are an absolute must. You can use lights and paper lanterns in the shape of exotic flowers, or even spooky tiki gods, to decorate the patio or garden. Bamboo and grass lamps and lanterns, and exotic candles complete the picture.

A Chinese New Year or oriental style party decor gives you plenty of scope to really use your imagination. There are some gorgeous products available, including silk and paper lanterns, lamps, fans and parasols. Imported products from China, Japan and Vietnam are easy to find, and add a touch of style and authenticity.


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