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Bamboo Tiki Torches – The Right Placement Equals the Right Party!

Tiki parties are one of the most common and fun party themes. Island-inspired music and drinks, the exotic dishes, and the rattan furniture really set the mood for an enjoyable and relaxing party made the tropical way. No Tiki party, though, would be complete without bamboo tiki torches.

Tiki torches set the mood for the festivities like no other of your tropical props. In fact, it is probably safe to say that you can hold a tiki party with a minimum of tropical decor as long as you have some tiki torches set up. On the other hand, a luau without bamboo torches is not a tiki party at all.

Bamboo tiki torches are stand-alone torches that you can stick on the ground to act as exotic lamp posts around your party area. Light them up for some amazing firelight ambiance just before the party starts.

The most common torch is usually made with a bamboo pole and the torch attached to the end of it. In most cases, the end of the pole has been split into several support sections allowing for the tiki torch to be inserted into one end of the pole. The ends are usually woven together to offer more support for the actual torch. The other end is sharpened and driven into the ground our you can mount the torch to your deck rail with a special connector.

Makena island bamboo tiki torchThere are actually a few designs of tiki torches available. Some have metal tubings which serve as the pole which have the tiki torches attached at the ends. There are also tiki torches where the torch and the pole are integrated into one piece. However, the bamboo torches are the best ones to get for capturing that unique island feel.

Here are a few ideas of where you can place the bamboo torches at your next island party or luau:

  • Lining the path to the party or your backyard
  • Located at points of interest points such as the pool or  the food table,
  • The bar and the dance area are also ideal.
  • You can line them around the place where you expect people to congregate so that it can serve as an encircling pool of light, encouraging people to gather inside it.

In order to avoid accidental burns or fires, it is important to remember that the torches are very combustible especially when spilled since the fuel would readily mix with the open fire of the torch. Therefore, it is important to take care of the both the placement and the stability of the torches so that they do not easily fall down.

The flame should not be allowed to burn in an enclosed space. Lighting a Tiki under a roof is a definite no-no. Finally, like most dangerous items, keep children away from Tiki torches to avoid accidents.

For more information on lighting your next outdoor party, please read this article on comparing natural gas torches.

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