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Great ideas on string lights for patio lighting schemes.

String lights are a fantastic way to decorate and light up your patio, whether for a special occasion, or as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting design. You’ll find lots of amazing and creative ideas on string lights for patio lighting, including everything from traditional Asian lanterns, weird and wonderful butterflies, dragonflies and flowers, elegant geometrical shapes in just about any color you could imagine, and crazy novelty designs.

In fact, there are so many fantastic ideas on string lights for patios, the hardest thing is choosing. Patio string lights can be ordered online, and many suppliers will make the strings to order, using the colors and features you choose.

Patio string lights work on a low wattage system, and give off a very small amount of heat so they’re very safe to use outdoors. Strings range in length, up to about one hundred feet. You can join shorter strings together, but the maximum total length is still around one hundred feet.

The patio lights themselves are usually spaced around twelve inches apart. The number of lights you can have on the string depends on how large and how bright they are. The total wattage is fixed, so the larger and brighter the lights, the fewer you can have on the string.

Innovative ideas in patio string lights.

If you’re looking for a really eye catching idea for lighting your patio, you should take a look at LED rope lights. These are a little more expensive than traditional string lights, but they have a very stylish, futuristic look. You can use them for all kinds of outdoor lighting applications, including patios, decks, pool decks, porches, steps and handrails. The fluorescent light has a soft, gentle quality, and radiates from within the rope itself, creating a fascinating and beautiful effect.


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