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Beautiful lanterns for every architectural landscape lighting design

Oil, kerosene, electric or candle lanterns are becoming increasingly popular choices for landscape lighting. There are some beautifully designed lanterns available, to suit any traditional or historically authentic architectural style.

Good landscape lighting design depends on a lot more than just the look of the fixtures themselves. The quality, intensity and color of the light has a huge effect on the look and ambience of your garden, deck or patio at night. There’s nothing like a soft, warm natural flame to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Natural oil, kerosene and candle lanterns are modeled on authentic, traditional lighting fixtures which were used in North America before the invention of electricity. If you want your outdoor lighting fixtures to reflect the authentic historical architectural style of your house, it’s important to choose your lanterns carefully. Or perhaps you simply want to create a warm, romantic feel, which you simply don’t get from a modern electric lighting fixture.

Types of outdoor lanterns.

Electric lanterns are probably the cheapest to run, and the most reliable, except of course in the case of a blackout. There are some beautifully designed pieces available, which replicate the style of traditional oil or kerosene lamps, and are very popular as outdoor lighting fixtures.

Oil and kerosene lanterns radiate a much more attractive natural flame, and fuels are very easy to obtain. There are a number of materials to choose from, including painted or chrome plated steel, but real brass is the most attractive, and the most resistant to rust. The great advantage of having a few naturally fueled lanterns handy around the house is that you have an emergency light source during a blackout. Oil and kerosene lanterns are particularly useful in case of an extended blackout, as it’s easy to store supplies of fuel.

Candle lanterns are very economical to run, have the most natural, glowing flame, and radiate warmth as well as light. They don’t make an unpleasant noise, which can be a problem with other types of lanterns. The more advanced candle lanterns are designed to burn very clean, and for an extended period of time.

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