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Candle garden lanterns radiate a beautiful, natural glowing light.

There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a natural flame to create a magical, romantic evening ambience in your garden or around your patio. There’s a huge range of beautifully designed candle garden lanterns available, to suit a wide range of garden decor styles. An exquisitely decorated metal lantern in a Moroccan style, or an Asian bamboo candle lantern will add an exotic touch to your garden decor, or you can choose candle lanterns to suit the architectural style of your home. You can use an ordinary wax candle with your decorative candle garden lantern, or a scented or citronella candle will give off a delicate perfume.

Other types of candle lanterns you can use in the garden.

If you need a more robust type of candle light, with some added warmth for those chilly evenings in the fall, there are candle lanterns which are designed for camping, but which are perfectly suitable to be used as part of your permanent garden lighting design. The light from these candle lanterns is great for illuminating larger areas of your garden, and it’s strong enough to read under, but still has that natural, glowing quality and color which an electric lantern just can’t match. The best candle lanterns are carefully designed with an optimum wax formula and wick height, so they burn clean and bright, with an even flame height, for nine hours or more. Outdoor candle lanterns have several strong advantages over gas or propane garden lanterns; they are much less expensive to run, they’re extremely reliable, and best of all, you don’t have the irritating noise you often get from a propane or gas fueled lantern.


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