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Unique outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories for stylish gardens, decks and patios.

These days, there’s a lot more to setting up an outdoor lighting system than just nailing a few floodlights to the deck posts or the exterior walls of the house. With so many beautifully designed unique outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from, lighting up your garden, deck or patio has become something of a fine art, and a great way to really express yourself creatively.

Decorative lighting fixtures are attractive garden ornaments in themselves, and they come in an amazing range of materials, including copper, brass, bronze and even stained glass. Just follow the links from this site to browse through a fantastic range of unique outdoor lights and accessories.

Low voltage outdoor lighting systems.

Most outdoor lighting fixtures work on a low voltage system, which has a number of important advantages. The light has a soft, ambient quality which has a very attractive look at night, particular when used to accent and highlight features of the garden such as ornaments, sculptures, water features or special plants. It’s also gentle enough that you won’t be creating light pollution or disturbing the neighbors. Low voltage lighting is also exceptionally safe and easy to install. In fact, it’s not even necessary to bury the cables; you can just cover them with garden mulch or hide them behind rocks.

You can use either mains powered or solar powered lighting fixtures for outdoor lighting systems. Solar lights save energy, and they’re even easier to install than traditional mains powered lighting, because there are no wires to worry about at all. All you need to do is choose a position in the garden which receives a lot of sunlight during the day.


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