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Guide to Pathway Lighting

A good landscape pathway lighting system makes your garden pathway safe to walk at night, and gives you the security of knowing that no one can access your pathway without being seen. But very importantly, landscape pathway lights also create a wonderful, magical ambience in your garden at night.

Designing and installing a beautiful and functional outdoor pathway lighting system is a very creative and satisfying home improvement project which just about anyone can achieve. Choosing the right pathway lighting products is very easy, with such a fantastic range readily available to purchase online. Just follow the links from this site for advice on landscape lighting design, and information on how to order all the lighting fixtures and accessories you need.

There are two basic types of path lighting fixtures; lights which are planted in the ground around the path and point towards it, and recessed lights which are installed right into the surface of the pathway. Both do an excellent job of illuminating the pathway to make it safe to walk through at night; it’s really a matter of which look you prefer.

Pathway lighting fixtures can be either solar or mains powered. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sunlight, solar pathway lights are a great option, because they save power and they’re incredibly easy to install. Both solar and mains powered landscape lights work on a low voltage landscape lighting system, which has a soft, ambient look, but generates enough light for you to see your way at night.

You can also choose to install a device which will automatically turn the pathway lights on only when you need them. This may be a timer, a light sensor, or even a high tech motion sensor.

For information on solar powered lights, please read this article on solar landscape lights.


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