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A tiki bar on the pool deck or the patio is an absolute must for your luau or island theme party.

If you’re planning your next luau, clambake or Pacific island party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar. Tiki bars are not only great for setting the mood and the theme for the evening, but they’re perfect for serving pina coladas, mai tais, daiquiris and Singapore slings out on the pool deck or the patio. You could order a pre-fabricated tiki bar, which can be set up and packed away very easily whenever you need it. Or if you’re a little more ambitious, you could even build one yourself.

Building your own tiki bar.

If you’re at all handy with a hammer and nails, you’ll find it’s very quick and easy to put together a tiki bar yourself. All you need is a long table or bar, some materials to build the roof, and decorations. If you’ve had some DIY or carpentry experience, you’ll probably find it very easy to design the structure yourself; otherwise you’ll find plans, instructions and guides online. You can set up the tiki bar wherever you choose in the back yard, on the pool deck or on the patio, but it’s a good idea to choose a spot out of the wind, or your tiki bar roof could sail away with the tropical breeze.

Bamboo is the best material for the support poles and cross beams, as it has the most authentic look. If you can’t find bamboo, any ordinary timber pieces will do. For the top you could attach a mesh of silk or paper leaves to a plywood surface, or you could even use real large leaves or palm fronds if they’re available. A much quicker option is to use ready made thatched palm panels. Whatever you choose, be very mindful of keeping the roof away from tiki torches, heaters or lights of any kind.

For the decorations, you’re really limited only by your imagination. Grass mats on the bar top, glued-on sand, strings of party lights, flowers, cut-out starfish shapes and decorative candles are just a few ideas.

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