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With creative patio lighting, landscape lights and deck lighting, you can make your outdoor spaces magical.

If you love the ambience of evenings outdoors, imaginatively designed patio lighting, landscape lights and deck lighting will make a beautiful outdoor space absolutely magical. There are lamps, lanterns and string lights in a wonderful range of materials and designs, to suit every decor and every taste, from romantic traditional styles to simple elegant modern and even cute novelty designs. You’ll find a great selection of patio lighting, landscape lights and deck lighting if you take a little time to shop around online.

Patio lighting design tips.

Before you begin choosing your lights, lanterns and lamps, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re primarily going to be using your patio in the evenings and at night. If you love to relax outdoors on a warm summer evening with a good book or the newspaper, there are patio lamps which are specifically designed to give a strong enough light for reading. If you enjoy entertaining, or you have some romantic outdoor evenings in mind, a soft, indirect, ambient light will create a magical atmosphere. You can even add color filters to create a moonlit effect, or to work in harmony with with the natural color of your garden.

If possible, experiment with the placement of your landscape lights before you fix them in place. Make sure there are no hot spots, i.e. places where the lighting is unnecessarily intense because of the way the light from a number of sources overlaps. Strong, direct light bouncing off hard surfaces will create a harsh glare effect, so be sure to avoid this also.

It’s also very important to keep practical considerations in mind. Areas such as steps, level changes and paths should be well lit for safety. You’ll find a range of deck lighting products specifically designed to illuminate steps and walkways.


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