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Extend the Outdoor Entertaining Season with Lighting

(ARA) - The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to entertain outdoors. In fact, proper landscape lighting can create a bold and elegant environment that will keep you and your guests relishing evenings under the autumn skies.

“Architectural lighting bathes your property in a warm glow that enhances your home’s charm and highlights the most beautiful aspects of your landscape,” says Curtis Hogan, president of Texas-based Nite Time Decor, Inc. “It sets a welcoming mood and makes a dramatic impact the minute your guests arrive in front of the home.”

Professional landscape lighting also allows a homeowner to creatively showcase certain aspects of a property -- or push unsightly features back into the shadows. “Accent lighting can make your property appear larger or even resort-like,” Hogan says. “It can increase curb appeal while adding safety and security to your home.”

Outdoor lighting also offers year-round benefits, adds Hogan. “In the warmer months, landscape lighting offers elegance and charm, setting the perfect scene for outdoor entertaining. In the cooler months, outdoor lights add life and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It’s so appealing, you’ll just want to put on a sweater and stay outside.”

Hogan offers these tips for adding lights to your landscape:

Uplight to Create Depth: With light fixtures mounted on the ground, Uplighting can create a layered look, adding depth to the yard. It is particularly effective at bringing garden sculptures and fountains to life. “Set up an uplight directly behind a statue or plant and aim the light at a wall to create a distinct silhouette of the object,” says Hogan. “Or, bring the light around front of that same object to cast its shadow onto the wall instead.”

Watch Your Step with Path Lights: Soft lit paths are especially appealing to the eye, and are a good idea for any area that may see foot traffic. Lining a pathway with low or medium-height lamps also will create a safe environment for anyone spending time in the yard. Hogan recommends path lights with top covers or shades that will direct the light down and not up. “The only thing worse than trying to navigate a path in the dark, is being blinded by the glare of powerful path lights,” he says.

An experienced outdoor lighting professional knows how to use lenses and louvers to establish desired moods and create a true lighting portrait. “Nite Time Decor has been installing and maintaining elegant landscape lighting systems since 1998,” Hogan says, “and we never tire of seeing the joy on a homeowner’s face when he sees his property transformed by light.”

With over 40 locations in 18 states, Nite Time Decor designers are professional outdoor lighting experts who dress homes in light and add brightness and warmth to dormant landscapes. For more information, call Brandon Stephens at Nite Time Decor in Lubbock, Texas at (806) 722-4242 or visit www.nitetimedecor.com.

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