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Light your way with beautiful garden path lighting fixtures and accessories.

Garden path lighting not only provides safety and security around your garden, it also creates a beautiful, magical lighting effect at night. These days you have an incredible array of garden path lights to choose from, ranging from soft, glowing, ambient lights to stronger, brighter lights for added safety along pathways, walkways and stairs. Your garden pathway lighting fixtures may be literally planted in the ground on mounting stakes alongside the garden path, or they may be installed right into the surface of the pathway, the driveway or the stairs.

Normally, you will only need your path lights turned on for a few hours in the evening. Garden pathway lights generally come with a timer or a light sensor, so they switch on only when they’re needed. Alternatively, you may only require your path lights to turn on for a few minutes when you come home in the evening, so you can see your way to the door. In this case, there are pathway lighting systems with a clever motion sensor, which switches the lights on automatically when you approach.

Mains powered vs solar powered pathway lighting.

Naturally, the great advantage of solar lighting is that you’re using free energy from the sun, so you save on your power bills, and you help to save precious environmental resources into the bargain. Solar powered garden pathway lighting is extremely easy to set up, because you don’t have any wiring to connect.

However, if you don’t live in a climate where you can rely on having enough sunlight, a mains powered garden pathway lighting system may be the best option. Like solar garden lights, mains powered outdoor lights work on a low voltage system, so they’re extremely safe to use.


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