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Outdoor lighting firepots are perfect for warm, cozy, romantic evenings on the patio or the deck.

There’s nothing quite as cozy and romantic as the natural light and warmth of a real open fire. Outdoor lighting firepots come in a range of sizes and shapes, from a simple open ceramic bowl to a chiminea style outdoor fireplace with a chimney at the top to direct the smoke and sparks upward.

You’ll also find fantastic cast iron, brass and stainless steel firepots which burn kerosene or citronella oil, to create a gentle ambient lighting effect. Beautifully crafted outdoor firepots not only contain your open fire, they also make a fascinating addition to your outdoor decor at all times of the day. Just follow the links from this site for more information on outdoor lighting firepot products and accessories.

Other amazing natural outdoor heaters.

There’s a fantastic range of natural wood burning heaters, fireplaces and firepits to choose from. A simple stainless steel wood heater is perfect for heating a small outdoor area, and you can wheel it away when it’s not in use. Some wood heaters come complete with a wire cooking grill, for real wood fire barbecues or just cooking marshmallows outdoors over an open fire.

For heating and lighting larger outdoor spaces, there are natural or synthetic stone firepits, large ceramic chimineas and magnificent copper fireplaces. These larger outdoor fireplaces and firepits create a wonderful outdoor campfire feel, and the fire itself is completely enclosed to keep you safe from flying embers.

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