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Why Are Outdoor Patio Lights so Great?

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors taking advantage of their patio will tell you that the proper lighting can really make a difference in how much they enjoy themselves.

Outdoor patio lights are a simple and reasonably priced way to turn your patio into a real outdoor living space! No longer will you be limited to enjoying your patio space only in the daytime and early evening.

With lights like these, your party or other gathering can go on well into the night, if you like. And, if you decide you would just like to go out and relax under the stars on a warm evening, you can still use patio lights to add a bit of ambiance to your atmosphere.

Not only are these lights perfect for entertaining and for family evenings outside, but they can also help in the nighttime enjoyment of your outdoor hot tub or spa. There is not much in life that is more relaxing than sitting neck deep in a warm hot tub, watching the umbrella lights twinkle!

A well planned outdoor lighting scheme is as much a part of your patio as a selection of comfortable chairs! Installation of most types of lights is quite simple – as simple as placing the lights where you want them, and turning them on!

So what do you need to consider when looking for patio lights?

A picture of a classic outdoor patio light The lights located on your patio can be decorative, functional, or some of each. Take the above-mentioned umbrella lights for example. You can purchase these as a set that clips onto the outer edge of your patio umbrella, use electricity, and look a bit like a regular light bulb, a set that is installed on the inner ribs of the umbrella, runs on batteries, and would remind you of Christmas tree lights, or a good-sized, solar powered variety that fits onto the umbrella pole. And, these are just a few of the types of umbrella lights available!

It's that way with just about every kind of light made for outdoor use. You have quite a few options that you can select from for a single type of light. This can make choosing the right kind of lights for your needs just a little confusing. Learning the basics of each kind might help you to decide which kind best suits you.

First, you have the type of lighting accessory that is well suited for the popular “Outdoor room” type of patios. Floor lamps, table lamps, and rechargeable patio candles are all weatherproof, and look very inviting arranged on your patio furniture. These are known in the lighting industry as “freestanding lights”, and their beauty comes from their versatility. Anywhere you feel that more light is needed on your patio, these will fit the bill.

What are the different styles of outdoor string lights

Then, you have the type that is usually strung overhead. Known as “hanging lights”, these all work on the same principle – only the outside coverings are different. There are some very elegant as well as artistic types of outdoor lights included in this group.

Chinese lanterns are in this group. We can also include what are known as “string lights”, which truly are made in a plethora of different designs. Jack-o-lanterns, beer bottles, hot chili peppers, flowers, lanterns, flags, and many, many other designs are available to brighten up your time outdoors in more ways than one.

Some are powered by electricity, and some are solar powered. The solar powered ones come on automatically at nightfall, and as long as they have been fully charged by the sun, should stay on throughout the evening.

Other forms of lights for your patio or deck

Citronella tiki torches continue to be popular for outdoor use. You can choose from the time-honored variety that burn citronella oil or citronella candles to help in keeping the nighttime insects at bay, or you can be more modern with the newer, solar powered type of tiki torch.

Today's tiki torches come in the classic bamboo, or in a lovely metallic variety. You should also consider using what are known as decking lights for safety's sake. Decking lights are used around the edges of your patio or deck, and also around the steps and their railings, if your patio has steps.

Lanterns that are fueled by oil or kerosene, candles, and electricity have been a popular lighting choice for many years. Quite versatile, you'll find that they can be hung up almost anywhere, and also can be used on patio tables plus any railings which may surround the patio.

Electric lanterns are most popular, possibly because of the many styles and colors they are available in, and possibly because they end up being very reasonable in price to use. Keep in mind that you will have to locate the fuel for the oil or kerosene lanterns. It's good to have a few of these on hand, however, as one never knows when the power might go out. Who wants to be left in the dark?

The same goes for candle lanterns. They are most economical, and can provide a source of warmth as well as lighting.

Think about what you will be doing on your patio before deciding on the types of outdoor patio lights that you will purchase. Some activities do demand more lighting than others, but with a little though, you are sure to come up with the right combination of lighting to please you.

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