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Candle lanterns are perfect for camping trips, as an emergency backup light source at home, or even as permanent outdoor lighting to give a warm, ambient glow to your patio or garden.

No electric or gas powered light source has the same warm, glowing look and feel of a natural candle flame. Candle lanterns keep the flame covered and safe, and protected from wind and moisture.

While they’re traditionally used for practical purposes like camping, or as an emergency light source during a power failure, many people are using them as part of a permanent outdoor lighting design for the patio, pool deck or garden.

Imagine spending warm evenings outdoors reading, relaxing or entertaining friends, with your patio and garden bathed in warm, glowing candle light. Candle lanterns also create the perfect ambience for romantic evenings with someone special.

When you’re choosing a one, look for one with an advanced design which ensures the flame height is kept constant, and prevents wax dripping. A product with a carefully chosen wax formula and wick height will burn clean, and for an extended period of time, usually up to nine hours.

Advantages of candle lanterns over other types of lanterns, lamps and flashlights.

They give you a natural source of warmth as well as light, which is ideal for camping and permanent outdoor lighting. The added warmth and reduced condensation in your tent will be only too welcome when you’re sleeping in the great outdoors. It can also take the chill out of the air as you enjoy evenings in your garden and patio into the colder months of the year.

From an environmental point of view, using energy wisely and reducing waste is becoming increasingly important. Using candle lanterns rather than electric flashlights means there are no spent batteries or bulbs to throw away and turn into landfill.

They are much less expensive than propane or gas lamps, extremely reliable, and operate completely silently. The noise from propane and gas lamps can be loud and irritating enough to destroy the serenity of your outdoor experience.

For more information on candles please read this article on making a paper lantern.

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