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Landscape lights bring your garden, patio and water features to life.

If you’re in the process of planning outdoor lighting for your patio, garden or water features, you’ll be amazed at the extraordinary range of landscape lights available. Perhaps you have something simple and unobtrusive in mind, to illuminate water features, or bring out the natural beauty of plants in your garden or around your patio. Or perhaps you’re looking for sculptural landscape lights which will work as beautiful design features in themselves. No matter what style of vision you have for lighting and beautifying your outdoor living space, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Most landscape lights which are designed to be used around the patio, in the garden, or to highlight water features work on a low voltage power supply. Low voltage lighting is very safe, even in fish ponds and near swimming pools, and they’re very easy to install. The cables can even be moved around and unplugged while the system is turned on. The other attractive feature of low voltage lighting is that it radiates a soft, warm glow, which creates the perfect ambience for magical evenings outdoors.

The solar powered alternative.

Solar garden lights are becoming a very popular alternative to mains powered lighting fixtures. Many people simply don’t like the idea of having electrical cables around the garden or in and around water features, even though they are very safe. There’s also the advantage that you are taking advantage of the natural, free and limitless supply of energy generated by the sun, which is good for the environment, and will save you some money every time your power bill arrives.

Recent advances in technology mean that solar powered landscape lights can radiate a similar amount of light to mains powered low voltage lights, which is perfect if you want the soft, glowing effect. The solar cells are inexpensive and easy to install, and the more advanced nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries are very reliable and durable.


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