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Fantastic outdoor lighting fixtures for gardens, decks and patios.

If you want to light up your outdoor areas at night, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you have a huge range of creative options to choose from. Outdoor lighting used to mean nailing a few bare bulbs to trees and deck posts, but not any more.

There are all kinds of brilliant outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories you can use to create an outdoor lighting design which is both practical and beautiful. Each outdoor lighting fixture is designed for a specific lighting purpose, whether to light up a broad area, to provide safety and security around pathways and stairs, or to create special lighting effects.

Outdoor lights work on a low voltage system, which is exceptionally safe to use, and creates a subtle, ambient glow which is perfect for outdoor spaces. The lighting fixtures may be mains powered, or as an environmentally friendly alternative, there’s a great range of solar powered fixtures to choose from.

Choosing lighting fixtures for the patio, deck or the garden.

There is a wide variety of different lighting fixtures to choose from, each designed for a specific purpose. Floodlights are designed to throw a gentle wash of light over a large area, like a deck or patio. They can be mounted in a position above the space where the lighting fixture itself won’t be seen.

Accent lights and spotlights are used to draw attention to an attractive feature of the outdoor space, like a garden ornament, or a special plant or tree. You may also use a spotlight fixture for a practical purpose, like throwing a stronger light onto the front door so you can find your keys when you come home.

Pathway lighting fixtures can be used to light pathways, driveways, walkways and stairs. The lighting fixtures may be planted in the ground next to the pathway, or mounted right into the surface of the pathway, driveway or stairway.

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