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Spotlights add style and beauty to your patio, garden or landscape lighting design.

You may think of spotlights as being direct, intense and harsh sources of light. However, there are a wide range of different types of spotlights designed to be used on the patio, in the garden, or as part of any landscape lighting scheme. The lights can be used to create a strong, dramatic, highlighting effect, or a gentle, subtle glow around a particular feature or location in the garden. If you’re planning a landscape lighting design for your deck, garden or patio, there’s a huge range of beautiful fixtures to choose from.

You’ll probably be surprised at how versatile spotlights can be, and how many different lighting situations they can be useful for. There are strong, mains powered spotlights, and gentler, low voltage conventional and solar powered spotlights. The range of styles and designs available is extraordinary, including everything from simple, practical designs to elaborate works of art which form garden design features in themselves. There are even spotlight fixtures which look like rocks or paving stones, which blend in with your landscaping design, and are virtually invisible during the day.

Uses for garden and patio spotlights.

Spotlights in and around pathways and walkways are a useful and very attractive safety and security feature. There is also a wall mounted variety which can be used to highlight doorways, walkways or anything which may be a potential hazard at night.

You can also use spotlights to highlight attractive features of your garden and patio, such as plants, water features, or any sculptural design elements you may have. Soft, low voltage lights are most suitable for this type of purpose. A few carefully positioned solar or mains powered low voltage spotlights in amongst your flower beds creates a magical effect at night.


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