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Will LED Landscape Lighting Work for Your Yard and Garden?

You may have heard the many benefits of using LED lighting in your landscape. They can be used for protection against home or property invasion. LED lights provide safety and security by keeping your grounds illuminated and therefore unattractive the thieves and criminals.

LED lighting also enables you to be active in your yard – even at night. Light up tennis courts, a patio, sidewalks, and play areas with LED lights. This lighting also adds beauty and definition to a landscape. Showcase trees, lawn decor, or illuminate pathways with LED landscape lighting to provide an enhancing architectural touch to your landscape design. And, if you have a business, LED lighting is also a great way to call attention to your building, showcase your sign, and help you advertise your product.

What’s more, it is highly efficient and has the following added benefits:

  • It is more energy-efficient and cost-saving than traditional incandescent lighting.
  • It is also virtually maintenance-free and lasts longer.
  • It uses less energy at a lower cost.

Therefore, you get many Earth and budget friendly benefits from LED lighting without the inconvenience and hassle of traditional outdoor lighting.

If this sounds like just the thing for you and your outdoor lighting needs, then here’s a little background to help you decide LED light fixtures will work the best for you.

  • First, “LED” stands for “light emitting diode.” Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED's do not require heat in order to generate light. Instead, light is generated when electricity is passed through an excited chemical compound.
  • This process is more efficient and cost-effective because it requires less electricity to generate light.
  • LED lighting comes in many forms, namely bulbs, fixtures, flashlights, strips, and clusters.
  • LED light bulbs are not what you may think of when you think of a bulb. LED bulbs are mounted on a circuit board in order to pass the electricity through at the right voltage.
  • An LED strip, on the other hand, usually come sealed in a bar with all the components housed inside the bar.

LED light fixtures gives you a lot of options in your yard. You can choose the type of LED lighting and can even choose different lighting colors to produce a dramatic lighting feature and mood. If you want to accent a specific area of landscape or lawn decor, use a fixture.

LED strips work well to illuminate a path, walkway, or handrail. There are also LED fixtures capable of lighting a pool.

They can also be installed in lampposts and either freestanding or wall-mounted lanterns. There is lighting specifically designed for security as well. LED's come in a variety of amps and voltages – depending on how much light you need.

If you need low lighting to illuminate a sidewalk or create a relaxed mood, or if you need lots of intense light for security purposes, different lighting strengths are available. You can use LED lighting virtually anywhere in your landscape as an energy efficient and crucial element to your outdoor design.

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