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Citronella lanterns, candles and floating candles are perfect for tranquil, romantic outdoor evenings.

Nothing creates a serene, romantic evening ambience like the gentle light of a natural flame. Citronella lanterns, candles and floating candles come in a great variety of styles, colors and designs, to suit any exterior decor. Candle lanterns are designed to be installed permanently around the patio, garden or pool deck, and can be used in conjunction with low voltage electric lights to create a richly textured overall exterior lighting design. Citronella candles come in a range of decorative shapes and colors, and are perfect for parties and special evenings. You can simply place the candles at the center of each table, or place floating candles in bowls of water on the table, in the garden pond or perhaps even in the pool.

Most citronella oil lanterns are very easy to fill, by simply unscrewing the oil container from the lantern base. The containers generally hold around sixteen ounces of oil, which is enough to last ten hours or so, so you won’t have to refill the lantern in the course of an evening. Look for lanterns which are made from durable, UV protected, weather and rust resistant materials, as these are the best value for money in the long term.

Natural citronella oil.

Unlike kerosene or other common outdoor lighting fuels, citronella oil is a natural extract from a plant, known as oil grass. It’s probably the safest fuel source, with no known hazards, and if spilt it can be easily washed off with soap and water. Citronella oil has a light, lemon like scent and burns very cleanly.

Another well known advantage of natural citronella oil is that it acts as a mild insect repellent, and has been used for this purpose for over fifty years. By simply burning citronella candles and lanterns around the garden or patio you can keep unwelcome guests away without having to use chemical sprays.

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