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Landscape Lighting: Pros and Cons

Landscape lighting is perfect for those romantic nights out at the patio where you will sit gazing at the stars for long, endless hours. It is wonderful for those chilly nights out at the deck where you will simply gaze at the almost fairy-like ambiance created by the seemingly dancing lights on the crystalline snow that shrouds your whole garden.

Installing landscape lighting is a great way to build up the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors, especially if it is done to highlight the best features of your garden, your deck, your patio or your home. There are now quite a lot of lighting fixtures for outdoor use to choose from.

These are available on low voltage lighting systems, which are quite easy to install even for beginners and is also very safe. These types of lighting system utilizes a transformer to change the light voltage that is acquired from your house into 12 volts.

Here are some of the advantages of landscape lighting using the low voltage system:

  • This lighting feature of your home is a great entertainment feature. You can actually spend a lot of time outdoors with your family and friends and enjoy the great ambiance while you take in some glasses of wine or even just cups of coffee. These lighting systems can even be installed on your deck for that perfect setting to your outdoor grill parties.
  • Low voltage lighting can be installed quite easily. It can also be operated quite safely and is very cost effective. This type of lighting also casts a beautiful glow to our landscape.
  • Another great advantage to this low voltage landscape lighting is that it hikes your level of security and security because no burglar is bound to lurk in amply lighted homes.
  • Because of the expandable properties of these low voltage lighting systems, they can be easily expanded or altered along with your home modifications.
  • This type of lighting system, especially when installed by professionals, enhances the beauty of your property, increasing is value in the real estate market if you are planning to sell it. This landscape lighting showcases your home during nighttime and even makes your home easier to find.

Like any other lighting systems, the low voltage landscape lighting also has its disadvantages and these are some of them:

  • The bulbs used in the low voltage lighting system will eventually burn out in time and need to be replaced.
  • You may need to reset the automatic timer for daylight savings or when the time of the sunset and sunrise changes.
  • Lighting with low voltage usually means lesser power when it comes to lighting purposes. Although this can be remedied if you will use 120 volts on areas where you need more powerful lighting for security purposes.

No matter what disadvantages that you might meet in installing a low voltage lighting system in your home, the advantages almost always overweight them. It is always because of these advantages that you will always opt to install landscape lighting to make your home quite a scenic place to live in, especially at night.

For more information on installing outdoor lighting, please read this article on design tips for landscape lighting.

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