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Magnificent architectural landscape lighting fixtures and accessories to light up your home.

Your landscape lighting design has a very important impact on the look of your home and garden, but it is also very important for the safety and security of your home at night. Designing a practical, effective and beautiful architectural landscape lighting scheme is a great home improvement project for anyone with a few creative ideas and a little know how.

You’ll find a complete range of architectural landscape lights and accessories available online, including solar powered and mains powered lighting fixtures in every shape, size and color you could imagine. Just follow the links from this site for more information on landscape lighting design, and how to order your lighting fixtures and accessories.

Landscape lighting design tips.

Before you begin choosing your landscape lighting fixtures, it’s a good idea to look at the architectural layout of your outdoor spaces, and think about what you want to achieve with your lighting design.

Safety and security considerations should come first, particularly if you plan to use the deck, the garden or the patio in the evenings for entertaining, or just for relaxing in the fresh evening air. Floodlights are used to throw a wash of light over a large area, while spotlights highlight smaller areas where a stronger light may be needed, like front or back doors, stairs and level changes. You can also used recessed lights for stairways, pathways and driveways to make them safe to walk through at night. Recessed lighting fixtures are mounted right into the surface of the deck, driveway or patio.

There are also architectural lighting fixtures which are designed purely to create a beautiful ambient lighting effect at night. Landscape accent lights are used to draw focus to a decorative element in your landscape design, like a special plant or tree, a garden ornament, or a water feature. You can also use decorative lighting fixtures made using brass, copper, bronze and even stained glass, which work as sculptural elements of your landscaping design in themselves.


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