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Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures come in a magnificent variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, so there’s no limit to what you can do with your garden design.

An important part of any garden design vision is the look and feel of your outdoor spaces at night. With such a stunning range of outdoor landscape lighting products available, you can design a lighting scheme which will add beauty and character to any garden design, and bathe your outdoor spaces in a beautiful, ambient light. Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can be simple, elegant and discreet, or magnificent featured ornaments in themselves.

Most specially designed outdoor landscape lighting products work on a low voltage system. This gives the light its soft, ambient quality. It also uses less power, and is safer than standard voltage sources.

Setting up your outdoor landscape lighting system.

Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures are very easy to install, and can be readily incorporated into any garden design. Most lights can simply be placed in the garden, mounted by attaching a vertical steel bar which is buried in the ground, and stabilized with sod and mulch. For a more permanent mounting, you can make a concrete foundation. Lights which are designed to be mounted to trees, posts and beams require only a few simple carpentry skills to set up. Pond lights are water tight, and have a weighted base, so you simply place them in the pond. The beauty of low voltage wiring is that you can simply bury it under a few inches of soil or even soft mulch and it will be perfectly safe.

Low voltage outdoor landscape lighting also requires a power transformer. A suitable transformer will often come supplied with the lighting fixtures. The size and wattage of the transformer you need depends on the number and type of lighting fixtures you plan to set up. It’s a good idea to buy a slightly larger capacity one than you need, to allow for future additions when you have another burst of landscape lighting creativity.


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