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Light It and Forget It: New Landscape Lighting Saves You from Hassle

(ARA) - Imagine not having to change the bulbs in your landscape lighting for 18 years! That's right -- no more wrestling through bushes or wading in ponds year after year to swap out bulbs. One of the latest lighting advancements is making its way outdoors, adding ambiance to outdoor décor and saving you nearly two decades of hassle. The secret? A whole new kind of LED lighting.

"Like energy efficient lighting, LED lighting has grown in leaps and bounds," says Maria Burk, systems marketing manager at Kichler Lighting, the world's leading decorative lighting manufacturer. "No longer do LEDs give off cold, blue hues. In fact, now, they're being produced in the same temperature range as incandescent bulbs, so they emit the same warm lighting that you're used to while achieving dramatic highlighting effects at a lower wattage."

That means added lighting depth and beauty, not only for traditional landscapes, but also for trendy outdoor rooms. But are LED offerings realistic for the average homeowner?

The experts at Kichler say "yes." They've recently launched a line of affordable LED accent lights for the outdoors that provide 40,000 hours of pure, white light for an average of 18 years of consumption. Powered by strong LED chips, the accent lights are small in profile, which makes them easy to hide, even in the tightest of spaces. Because they're available in a hexagon shape, they can be wedged between rocks, and can also be used for up or down detail lighting, near or under water, staked, or flange mounted for deck and rail lights.

Since they're consuming less energy, LEDs will actually save you money over time.

Indoor Style for Outdoor Appeal Experts say a home's curb appeal can increase its value, and lighting is a big part of that. So, in addition to LEDs, what other lighting options can homeowners use to enhance their home's outdoor presence?

"Just as you would complement your indoor décor with accessories, you can bring those techniques into your outdoor experience, as well," says Burk. "We have focal points such as chandeliers or lit birdbaths that follow your outdoor theme and can help complete the look you're going for."

For example, fixtures normally found inside the home are now commonly found outdoors. This includes everything from coordinating table lamps to chandeliers to accent pieces like lit birdbaths and planters, all durable enough to withstand the elements. Kichler's Garden Collections help homeowners set the scene for backyard retreats with styles ranging from classic Spanish villas to romantic English garden motifs. Made with the most durable materials, Garden Collections offer a mix of decorative path, deck, post lights and accent pieces that create a cohesive look.

Homeowners can relax knowing their space won't look like the neighbors' by implementing the line's unique fixtures, including Kichler's new 12-volt, outdoor-ready chandeliers, safe enough to hang from a tree or other outdoor structure, or its new Heron path light, complete with filigree tail feather pattern and a moveable head for optimal positioning.

"As homeowners continue to embrace the outdoor movement, they should treat these new spaces as any other room of the home," says Burk. "Now, more than ever, there are endless options available to create a signature look for your space. Don't let your décor end at the door."

For more ideas on outdoor lighting or to find a Kichler dealer near you, visit www.kichler.com or call (888) 659.8809.

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