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Beautiful garden art and landscape lighting ideas for your deck, garden or patio.

If you’re looking for imaginative ways to beautify your patio, pool deck or garden, you’ll find a wealth of garden art and landscape lighting ideas if you do a little searching online. If you already have a vision in mind, you’re sure to find landscape lighting fixtures and garden art designs which will fit in perfectly. Or if your patio, garden or pool deck is something of a blank slate waiting for inspiration, there are hundreds of brilliant ideas out there to get your creative juices flowing.

Garden art and landscape lighting inspiration.

There are basically two types of garden art pieces; pieces which serve some kind of function in the garden, and sculptures which exist solely for their aesthetic beauty. Functional pieces include things like bird baths and feeders, lighting fixtures, planters, garden stakes, stepping stones, rain barrels and even sprinklers. You’ll find garden sculptures and functional pieces in just about every size, shape, color and style you could possibly imagine, in every material from stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper to stained glass, marble, granite and natural sandstone.

It’s amazing what a magical effect a few simple spotlights can have on the ambience of your garden or patio at night. Most landscape lighting fixtures work on a low voltage system, so the light has a soft, subtle, ambient glow. You can position the lights to highlight design features in your garden or around the patio, such as plants, shrubs and trees, water features, or sculptures and garden art pieces. The landscape lighting fixtures may be simple and unobtrusive, or camouflaged so that they become invisible within the space. Alternatively, there are beautiful, sculpturally designed fixtures which work as garden art pieces in themselves.

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