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Landscape Lighting Manufacturers: The Right Styles To Meet Your Needs

There are generally two categories for landscape lighting fixtures, indirect lighting fixtures and direct lighting fixtures. With direct lighting fixtures you have control over where to direct the light exactly. You can you direct lighting to highlight a certain tree branch or a specific area in your garden.

On the other hand, indirect lighting fixtures enables you to decide where to put the fixture. However, you can’t use this to direct light on a specific object or location as the light emitted is obscure. Despite this small flaw, indirect lighting is considered as the best type of lighting fixture. This is because of its even illumination without the usual glare that direct lighting fixtures produce.

Three solar lights controlled by one solar panel.Outdoor lighting for your landscaped areas allow security, since they provide light to the outdoor part of your home. On the other hand, it also accentuates the beauty of your outdoor garden or your carefully manicured lawn, giving it an artistic value.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are usually recommended for purposes like, lighting for the walkways and flower beds, the lawn, docks or, parking lots. There are a lot of different landscape lighting fixture manufactures and they make a wide variety of outdoor lighting. Here is partial list of what is available:

  • Brass or copper lighting fixture for the walkway – this incandescent lamp, with a brass or copper finish, has a wide array of glass choices to take a pick from. The design and the craftsmanship for this kind is exceptional. This outdoor light only requires a low voltage, plus, it is handmade details are elaborate.
  • Solid Brass Outdoor Lantern – this kind of lighting fixture is appropriate to hang on trees or just place it near a flower bed. This outdoor lantern requires low voltage, plus, it is perfect for your home, if you are the type who gives much attention on the beauty of your garden or lawn.
  • Decorative lighting for wall mounting – this lighting fixture comes in solid copper or brass. This kind also requires low voltage, plus, this is perfect for the walls beside the walkway or mounted near doors.
  • Decorative lighting fixture for column mounting – this kind is perfect for columns. This uses less amount of electricity, however, there is no difference with the light that is being emitted when compare to other lighting fixtures which require high voltage.
  • Solar Post Lamp – these burial lighting fixture for the outdoor part of your home is available in different heights. These are perfect when you put them in area which is not covered by trees or by your house. For better lighting results, replace the batteries of your fixture regularly and, keep the solar top clean from dust. The ideal place for solar lamp posts is near the gate or the fence.

The good thing about landscape lighting is that it adds elegance and beauty to the home. Your home and its premises are well lighted during the night, securing the safety of your home.

As you can see there is a large variety of lighting fixtures available and multiple source to power the lights. I'm sure you can find the right for your house and garden.

Just remember if you are using a solar light you want to position it in a place where it gets enough sun during the day to charge it's battery. There are now newer models available where you can run a wire to the solar panel. An example of this is the picture at the top of the article.

For more information on lighting your yard and garden, please read this article on unique landscape lighting fixtures.

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