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Amazing landscape lighting design ideas for gardens, patios and decks.

Designing your own landscape lighting scheme is a really creatively satisfying home improvement project for anyone who likes to exercise their imagination. Good landscape lighting design is both practical and beautiful. Your outdoor lighting scheme should provide safety and security around your home at night, while creating a magical evening ambience.

These days there’s a fantastic selection of lighting products for professional landscape lighting designers and creative homeowners alike. Each landscape lighting product is designed for a specific purpose. Flood lights are great for lighting up a large outdoor area like a patio or deck. Spotlights and landscape accent lights are designed to draw attention to a specific landscaping feature, like a rock sculpture, a garden bed, or a landscape ornament. There are even accent lights which are specifically designed to be used in and around water features. Recessed lighting is designed to be mounted right into the surface of the deck, patio, walkway, driveway or stairs to make the area safe to walk through at night. Just follow the links from this site for more information on landscape lighting fixtures and accessories, and how to order them.

Outdoor lighting design tips.

If you have a few lighting design ideas, but you’re a little unsure as to whether they’re going to work the way you think they’re going to, don’t worry. It can often be very difficult to imagine how landscape lights are going to look around your home until you actually see them. It’s a good idea to set up your landscape lighting system temporarily and turn it all on, so you can see how it will all look and make any necessary adjustments before you mount the lighting fixtures permanently.


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