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Outdoor security lighting keeps your home safe and secure at night.

If you want to keep your home safe from intruders at night, you have a huge range of outdoor security lighting options to choose from. Outdoor flood lights can be used to throw a wash of light on large outdoor areas such as pathways, patios and gardens, and they come in a fantastic variety of sizes, shapes and styles. You can choose between strong, bright, line voltage lights, and softer low voltage lighting fixtures, depending on your security needs.

When you choose your outdoor security lights, keep in mind that it’s important to avoid disturbing your neighbors or creating light pollution with unnecessarily strong lights shining at night. Just follow the links from this site for advice on designing the optimum security lighting system, and for information on how to order lighting fixtures and accessories.

Using motion sensors with outdoor lighting.

Motion sensors are a high tech way to keep your home safe from unwelcome intruders at night, and they’re very inexpensive and easy to set up. An infrared device will detect motion over a range of up to fifty feet, and automatically throw a floodlight onto the area in which the movement has been detected.

The system can also include an alarm. Of course, choosing a suitable position for the motion sensor is critical if you want to protect your home effectively without having the security system set off by cats, dogs and squirrels.

You can also use a motion sensor to switch your outdoor lighting system on and off automatically when you arrive home. You can set it to light the garage or the path to the front door for a few minutes after you arrive, then switch off again automatically.

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