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Clever outdoor path accent lighting ideas for safety, security and a magical lighting effect at night.

Making outdoor pathways, walkways and stairs safe and secure at night is very important, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in the way you design your lighting scheme. There are lots of outdoor path accent lighting ideas which not only do a great job of lighting up the pathway so you can see your way at night, they also create a very beautiful, ambient lighting effect. You’ll find a fantastic range of outdoor path accent lights and accessories simply by following the links from this site.

Often with pathway accent lighting you’ll only need the lights to be turned on for a couple of hours in the evening. If you’re inclined to forget to switch them on and off, there are several products which will do it automatically. You can use a timer, or a light sensor which detects when it’s dark enough for the lights to be needed. With a solar powered outdoor lighting system, the solar cell will generally only collect enough energy during the day for a few hours of lighting at night, so the lights will switch off for the night when the battery runs out. You can also buy outdoor path lighting systems which come with a clever motion sensor, to turn the lights on automatically when you approach, or when the sensor detects the presence of an intruder at night.

Installing outdoor path lighting.

Most outdoor lighting products are designed to be very easy and safe for anyone to install. Outdoor lighting fixtures usually work on a low voltage system, which means they’re so safe you can even move them around, plug and unplug them while they’re switched on.

Path accent lighting fixtures may be planted in the ground alongside the pathway, using mounting stakes which are generally provided with the accent lighting fixtures. Alternatively, you could choose recessed path accent lights, which are mounted directly into the surface of the pathway, driveway, deck or stairs.


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