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Outdoor street lighting solutions, including mains powered and solar lights, for public and private roads, lanes and thoroughfares.

Outdoor street lighting products come in a wide variety of designs, and include both mains powered and solar lights. Popular fixture types include post top lights, cobra head lights and open bottom lights, and there are designs to suit whichever modern or traditional architectural style is most prominent in the area you want to illuminate. If you have a large scale public or private outdoor street lighting project, you can have the whole system professionally designed, installed and maintained for an agreed period, usually for a minimum of ten years.

Solar powered outdoor street lighting.

Solar lights are the most energy efficient form of outdoor lighting, and they can be used for a huge variety of public and private lighting purposes, including streets, walkways, thoroughfares, parking lots and billboards. In addition to their unbeatable energy efficiency, the other great advantage of using solar lights is that they’re so easy to install. There’s no wiring to set up, and they can easily be moved to another location whenever necessary.

Solar lighting systems come with a battery which can store enough energy to power the lights for up to twelve hours, plus three days of backup energy. A light sensor can be used to automatically switch the lights on between sundown and sunrise.

The fixtures come in a wide range of styles and designs, with specially designed LED, fluorescent or low pressure sodium bulbs. They can be fitted with theft and vandalism protection components, and are designed to be weather and corrosion resistant.


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