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Flower outdoor lighting design for your garden and backyard.

If you love your garden, installing a flower outdoor lighting scheme will turn it into a magical display at night. Designing and installing decorative outdoor lighting is safe and easy to do yourself, even if you’re a home improvement beginner.

You have a huge range of flower outdoor lights and other decorative outdoor lighting products to choose from, each designed for a specific lighting purpose.

There are several ways to highlight features of the garden:

- Garden accent lights are used to pinpoint specific shrubs, trees or flowers. Specially designed accent lighting fixtures can also serve as decorative landscaping features in themselves.

- Uplighting uses ground-mounted lighting fixtures to highlight features of the garden from below. Spot lights and floodlights are suitable for this purpose.

- Spread lighting fixtures are great for highlighting whole flower beds and shrubs from above, using circular patterns of light.

It’s best to incorporate your garden and flower lighting ideas into an overall outdoor lighting plan. Outdoor lighting fixtures have a range of practical and decorative applications.

Top five uses for outdoor lighting:

1. Highlight key features of the garden, such as flower beds, decorative shrubs, water features or sculptures.

2. Create a beautiful, inviting outdoor space on the patio, around the deck or in the garden which you can enjoy in the evenings with family and friends.

3. Provide safety lighting around potential outdoor hazards such as steps, stairs, level changes, pathways, doorways and the edge of the deck.

4. Make it easier for guests and emergency services to find your home by lighting your house number.

5. Keep your home safe from intruders at night. A home with a good outdoor lighting system will be less attractive to burglars.

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