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Oil and kerosene lanterns create a warm ambience, and a strong sense of history.

If you’re planning an elegant lighting design for your garden, patio or outdoor deck, you have a huge range of choices, including electric lights and all kinds of lamps and lanterns. A kerosene lantern not only gives off a beautiful, gentle, ambient glow, the lanterns themselves have a very attractive old-world look. Of course, in the days before electricity, kerosene lanterns were used all over North America as standard for generating heat and light. In fact, in the nineteenth century, every town had a tinsmith to provide a reliable supply of lanterns for the community. If your home has a traditional architectural style, or if you’re fortunate enough to be living in a genuine heritage house, using kerosene or oil lanterns as part of your outdoor decor is particularly appropriate.

Advantages of using kerosene and oil lanterns.

A natural flame has an attractive look and a cozy romantic ambience no electric light source can match. Kerosene and oil lanterns not only provide light, but also some warmth for those chilly evenings as fall approaches. The lanterns are very easy to refill, and fuels are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Of course, your kerosene and oil lanterns double as an emergency light and heat source should you encounter a blackout. As well as being practical, kerosene and oil lanterns are also very beautiful decorative objects. There is a wonderful range of sizes, shapes, colors and styles to choose from, in a range of materials including painted or chrome plated steel, or real brass. A genuine brass lantern may cost a little more, but it has the most attractive and most authentic look, and will be more resistant to rust.


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