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Amazing solar post cap lights create a subtle, magical lighting effect.

Deck railing lights create a magical ambience around your deck or porch in the evening, and they also provide safety and security around your home at night. Solar post cap lights are becoming incredibly popular, because they’re energy efficient, they’re very easy to install, and they look absolutely wonderful.

Post cap lights come in a fantastic range of colors, and a number of different styles featuring either flat, square or pyramid shaped tops.

Installation is simply a matter of screwing the cap lights to the top of the deck posts, so anyone who is reasonably handy can install the lights in no time. Because the lights are solar powered, there’s no wiring or mains power connection to worry about.

Each solar post cap light has its own solar panel to collect energy from the sun during the day, and a battery to store the energy until it’s needed. The outdoor solar lights will turn on automatically at dusk, and they normally stay on for around six to eight hours, depending on the amount of sunlight they are exposed to during the day.

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Other decorative post caps for deck and stair railings.

Picture of a metal decorative post cap light.For a stylish decorative lighting effect, you can use post cap lights on the corner posts of your deck and stair railings, with matching decorative post caps on the other posts.

Decorative post caps come in an amazing range of shapes, including balls, flat caps and elegant gothic peaks, as well as beautiful animal and plant designs.

You’ll find post caps in just about every kind of material you could imagine, including natural timber, wood composite, vinyl, copper, brass and elegant wrought iron, so you’re sure to find a decorative post cap which will suit the architectural style of your home perfectly.

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